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Why Choose Us?

Benefits of Choosing Retirement Renegade

Our Mission

We focus on YOUR financial goals and dreams, to attain the ideal retirement YOU desire.

Our Vision

To be the last Financial Firm our clients ever need.

Our Core Values


Always act with integrity. - Honesty is the foundation of all we do. Without trust our company is nothing.


We are family. - We put ourselves in our clients “shoes" to help ensure that our clients are getting what we would want ourselves. We take care of our clients like our own.


It’s more than money, it’s their livelihood. - We understand this decision affects the rest of our client’s retirement. We treat the education process accordingly. We ensure our client’s understand and are confident in their decisions for their retirement.


Under promise, over deliver. - We go above and beyond to make sure what we say happens… and then some!


Provide results. - By only representing the “Best of the Best” we ensure that our clients are getting the best results available.


Don’t lose our clients money. - Sometimes it's not so much about how much you made, but rather, how much you didn't lose. We strive to provide competitive growth options for our clients without putting their money at risk of loss.


An Advisor for life. - We understand how important an ongoing relationship with a trusted advisor is. Whether it’s tomorrow, or 20 years down the road, we will ALWAYS be here for our clients.

Our Difference

We Are Independent

A successful retirement you’ve always desired requires a Multi-Dimensional approach. That’s why Retirement Renegade was formed.

We carry the TOP products. (Over 75 different multi-billion dollar Financial/ Insurance institutions and 1200 products). This allows us to tailor-make the perfect plan to fit each one of our client’s diverse needs and desires.

At Retirement Renegade, we put ourselves in your shoes, leveraging our advanced knowledge of Safe-Income strategies, we then customize the perfect plan that is dependable for life.

Retirement Renegade We Difference Are Independent

Our Focus

Preparing for retirement is a step by step process.

At Retirement Renegade we understand that something as important as your hard-earned Retirement Savings, requires making an informed decision on YOUR terms. One step at a time.

That is why our first visit is called the “Relationship Sit-Down”.

Our goal is to personally sit down with you to then listen and discover what is most important to YOU regarding your Retirement Savings. Nothing more.

Once this relational level of understanding is achieved, from there, we then work with you towards EDUCATING on how to achieve YOUR financial desires at YOUR pace.

Our No Advisor Fee Guarantee

At Retirement Renegade we don’t believe in charging our clients an annual management fee. Putting more money in our clients pocket is the most important thing to us.

We are compensated via commission based upon the different products and companies we serve our clients with. These commissions are not paid from our clients portfolio whatsoever.

Andrew Winnett president of Legacy Builders financial planning and investments firm

Our No Market Risk Guarantee

At Retirement Renegade we don’t believe in losing a penny of our client’s hard earned money due to a market downturn.

We believe that with the revolution of “hybrid contractual products”, our clients no longer need to risk losing money, due to a market downturn, just to enjoy some growth in the market.

In these types of insurance products when the market or index goes up, your accumulation value goes up. When the market goes down, you don’t lose one penny of your starting principle. This is the power of the annual reset!